From Kathy Pfeufer:
Hello everyone,
Here’s what needs to happen if you are planning on bringing artwork to show for the “Celebrate America” show at Meadowlark Garden over the Veteran Day weekend in November.
Eldrid Shafer needs one photo from a member depicting American landscape who has NOT been published in the Sentinel before. Perhaps one of our newer members with a wonderful landscape they would like to contribute? Please contact her with your photo. Eldrid also says that she has made arrangements to have a notice printed in the Beacon about this show. THANK YOU Eldrid! I’m leaving the photo decision to Eldrid to select a photo, so everyone eligible and interested please do this first!
I think this show should be limited to American (or local) landscapes, and keep the other hand dyed items which do not depict anything in particular out of the show. Ann Barrett informs me that this year they do NOT have as much garden furniture as they did last year, so we should probably plan on sticking to what can be displayed on the trellis walls, and the display rack that Carol Patten says she still has and has graciously offered to use again this year. THANK YOU CAROL!
I would propose that each member can enter ONE wall piece (could be large-ish, bring a slat with holes on either end) and one smaller piece suitable to be displayed on the wooden display rack. If we don’t have enough to fill the trellises, THEN we can put a call out to the general group to bring more, when we hang on Thursday afternoon.
At the meeting last Saturday, and after talking to Ann yesterday, we will be setting up the show on THURSDAY afternoon, November 8th between 2 PM and 4 PM, or there-abouts. The earlier you get there with your artwork, the better a space you will have to show.
The show will hang from Friday, November 9, until Sunday afternoon, November 11 at 4 PM. Friday and Saturday are normal business hours, from 10 AM until about 4 PM. Sunday is their special Holiday Open House, and Ann usually expects the biggest crowd to show up in the afternoon on Sunday. She will have food, a wine tasting, I think she mentioned music, and whatever goodies are suitable for the holidays on display.
I will plan make the title, tags, and numbering on a spreadsheet for Meadowlark again for this show. However, you all need to be aware that I will be out of town from October 20, returning October 28. (I’m going to Disneyland – just ‘cuz I need to!). This means that I need the information such as Artist name, Artwork title, Price, and perhaps a few words about technique, like hand dyeing, or ?? And/or what it depicts (if too abstract to be self informing…) By NOON on Thursday, October 18, so I can have a pretty complete listing of the show up and running BEFORE I get out of town, please. Unless someone else would like to take care of this whilst I’m gone….
If possible, AQuA needs to have at least one representative of the group at the shop while the exhibit is up to answer any questions visitors may have. I will probably be sending out something for people to sign up for, later this week or next, or maybe the week before the show.
Show needs to be picked up after 4:00 PM on Sunday, November 11, 2012.
So that is the best I’ve got as to the details.
You can start sending me your entry information whenever you have it ready, and I can get started on the artwork list. Artist name, Title of your work, Selling price, and brief description of techniques used.
I just know there are plenty of AQuA American Landscapes hidden away in your stashes. Plan to show your best one!
Kathy Pf.