horizonHorizons is the selected theme for the Mancuso 2017 exhibit for the Quiltfest Oasis in Palm Springs and the Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF) in Santa Clara, CA. The description is as follows:

The Art Quilt Association brings you their perception of “Horizons.” Literally, it is the line at the farthest place one can see where the sky seems to touch the earth. Figuratively, it is the fullest range of one’s knowledge, experience or interest. In both senses it is a boundary in space and time beyond which events cannot affect the observer.

The tentative turn-in date is June or July 2017. All the size requirements (minimum 96″ total sides) and criteria are the same as last year Absolutely Artful show so review those posted details until the 2017 submission form is available. Contact Jan Warren or Terry Lee with questions.