Our Artists K-R

Please click the artist’s link to view each gallery for our artists.  A new window will open for display and you can dismiss them when you are done viewing the art work.

The artwork is best viewed using the PicLens option, since it displays the artwork at a full screen view.  You can also click on individual photos, and proceed through the slideshow using  forward (>>) and reverse (<<) buttons, but the sizing is random.

(As of the most recent revision, the link labelled “View as slide show” is NOT working. Sorry.)

Angela Kenley

Angela enjoys traditional quilt making and respects the rich history of the classic quilt patterns, but she tends to put an unexpected spin on the most basic pattern or design.

Terry Lee

“I believe that quilts guide the maker, and that an original idea may take an unexpected direction.”

Kathleen Malvern

“My work is highly influenced by travel.  Art Quilts give me the freedom to create something unique and personal.”

Carole O’Brien

“My original designs are informed by the colors, patterns and landscapes of nature, real and imagined; and each piece tells a story.”

Jan Rickman

Jan has a unique vision of the world that encourages her to create designs that capitalize on color and energy and convey a sense of possibility.

Jean Roesler

Jean says, “I was born with a needle in my hand”.

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