Angela Kenley

Angela’s background as a fiber artist began with clothing construction and dress design.  She enjoys traditional quilt making and respects the rich history of the classic quilt patterns, but she tends to put an unexpected spin on the most basic pattern or design.  She uses many elements of traditional block patterns in her art quilts, and plays with the balance of the shapes and blocks of color, taking them to a more abstract form.
Angela loves the tactile nature of using fabric for art, enabling her to experiment with light, color, texture, and movement as one might achieve with paint.  Her textile pieces are primarily influenced by the beauty and unique terrain of Western Colorado where she has lived for many years.  Her work often features elements native to her beloved home state of Texas or other locales that have impressed her in her travels.  Her art quilts have exhibited in shows both regionally and nationally, and she continues to enjoy entering competitions to show her work.

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