Jan Rickman

Jan has a unique vision of the world that encourages her to create designs that capitalize on color and energy and convey a sense of possibility.   She incorporates this vision into her textile designs and projects a positive and uplifting experience for those who connect with her high-energy work.   Creating with fabric by manipulating, dyeing, stamping, designing, cutting, sewing and embellishing it is her medium of self-expression.

Jan’s designs encompass a variety of themes.   She hand-dyes cotton fabric and  details and texturizes each art quilt with rayon thread painting and free-motion embroidery.

She enjoys working in abstract designs, which allow her to incorporate color, form and motion.   Additionally, her representational work reflects, in part, her love of the west and a lifelong love of animals.   The everyday sights of horses, ranches, cowboys, cattle and the sagebrush-covered acres are a tremendous influence.   Her representational images blend the feeling of the west with fantastic color and dramatic design.   These colors are vivid, bold and positive; always expressing her premise that art should be fun.

Jan is available for lectures, workshops or classes.  Please contact Jan via email and visit her web site www.janrickman.com

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