Kathy Schattleitner

Meet Kathy Schattleitner!

For me, it is all about color, the more vibrant the better!  (I am NOT a beige or brown person!).  I love the “keep it simple” philosophy and try not to get caught up in rules, proportions and too many details that force me to lose track of accomplishing a piece that is all about color and a simple yet elegant design.

Kathy Schattleitner came to the Roaring Fork Valley almost 40 years ago from England via Canada and Bermuda where she met her husband.  Having learned to sew at an early age, she started traditional quilting some years ago.  Although hand embroidery was of more interest during that time, she finally decided that life was too short and quilting became a full time passion.  Her direction changed to more contemporary with an emphasis on colors and thread than complexity.  In 2006 she and her husband moved to Grand Junction where she enjoys an active participation in The Art Quilt Association.

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