Susan Strickland

Susan’s fiber art is both whimsical and spiritual in nature.  Drawing on her love of the brilliantly colored formations and lore of the Southwest, Susan’s pieces are representational and fantasy driven.  Having been a canvas painter in a former life, Susan has an almost uncontrollable urge to paint the bulk of her fiber art.  Susan’s work is available for purchase. 

Having a great love of the Southwest, Susan is attracted to the mystical and spiritual aspects of the region.  Having spent much time in the archaeological areas and canyons of Colorado and Utah, she felt that the myths, legends and traditions of the area should be incorporated into fiber art.  When not in a “spiritual” mood, Susan looks for whimsy, fantasy and tongue-in-cheek humor to pacify her need to live in Mayberry RFD with a second home in Disneyland.

 Using hand painted, hand dyed fabric and non- traditional materials, Susan continues to look for the spiritual connection in mystical legends, lore and the geometry of landscape.

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