Boundaries is 2018 Mancuso Theme

Boundaries is 2018 Mancuso Theme

The voters spoke and “Boundaries” has been selected as the theme for the 2018 fall Mancuso show. This theme has been defined as the following:

Boundaries are created in many ways. They can be officially designated,  be culturally expected, or mentally imposed. Whatever their origin, when breached, a change results that may give more freedom or a new direction. Any boundary can be moved, and may not be always be apparent when crossed. 


  • All pieces must be the ORIGINAL work of AQuA members. No quilt may be constructed using a commercial pattern.  No commercial machine quilting patterns may be used.
  • If the quilt was begun in a workshop, the workshop teacher’s name and technique must be credited on the back. A workshop teacher’s pattern is not acceptable, only the technique.
  • No more than two (2) AQuA members may collaborate on the construction of a quilt, and both members must be listed on the entry form.
  • Entries cannot be smaller than 96 inches minimum perimeter or larger than 252 inches maximum perimeter. Entries cannot exceed a maximum length of 72 inches. Entries cannot exceed a depth of 5” for shipping purpose.
  • Diptychs and triptychs are acceptable providing their size, including space between the pieces, remains within the size restrictions.
  • The sleeve requirements are at the top of the list under Member Info: Lots of How To Instructions: How to Construct a Quilt Sleeve 

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