PIQF Juror Decisions and Mentions

PIQF Juror Decisions and Mentions

Horizons is such a lovely, vast, intangible notion!  The exhibit, Horizons, is vast in interpretation as well.   Our daily lives see the horizon everywhere we turn.  Just like life, the horizon, whether metaphorical or literal, is dynamic and ever changing.  These horizons are chameleon and take on many forms, such as a new place, a new idea, a new adventure; and with each form, is the vast interpretation both visually and spiritually.

The art quilts in the Horizons exhibit demonstrate a breadth of viewpoints as well as interpretations.  On a whole, the exhibit celebrated the whimsical, the mysterious, and the beauty of our earth along with the lovely sensibility of everyday life.  Talent and technical excellence was a dominant theme throughout the judging of this exhibit.

Juror Deborah Fell determined that all 23 quilts submitted were a strong and cohesive effort and all will displayed at the Mancuso Pacific International Quilt Fest (PIQF) in Santa Clara California October 12-15,2017. Congratulations all.

Juror Mention:

Eagle Arch by Pam Sant 

2. In Deep by Mary Grande

3. Out of Ruins Come New Horizons by Jan Warren

4. Sunflower by Bonnie Stenger

5. Kyklos by Jan Warren

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