ARTifacts, 2009

The Artifacts show was shown October 15-18, 2009 at the Pacific International Quiltfest, held in Santa Clara, California.The show displayed 15 entries, and below are the juror mentions.  Carol Shinn did the jurying.


Tools of My Trade by Nancy Vanaken

"Tools of My Trade" by Nancy Vanaken








Out Damned Flies! by Pat Sprague

"Out Damned Flies! by Pat Sprague







Second Place, Also a TIE!

Bluetooth By Jan Warren

"Bluetooth" By Jan Warren








Blooming Whinsey, By Marge Fox

"Blooming Whimsey" By Marge Fox








Third Place

"Glory Days" by Emily Buchanan

"Glory Days" by Emily Buchanan


Selection for postcard, also acknowledged as “strongest graphic design”

Pat Sprague; “Out, Damned Flies”, see photo above

Other Juror Mentions

  • Best use of hand dyed fabrics:

Emily Buchanan, “Glory Days”

  • Best Use of Space:

Nancy Vanaken, “ Tools of my Trade”

  • Best Concept:

Jan Warren; “Blue Tooth”

Pat Sprague; “Out, Damned Flies’

Nancy Vanaken; “Tools of my Trade”

  • Best Technically & Best Use of Embellishment

Marge Fox; “Blooming Whimsey’

This is a first to have ties at both the first and second places! 

Rest of the show is shown below.  Single click, for small view,  Double click on the image to view a larger version.  Some images shown below are incomplete as shown, so click them larger for a complete version.


"Sanctuario de Chimayo" by Jan Warren

Crazy Aerials by Christie Barton

"Crazy Aerials" by Christie Barton

Falling Stars by Eldrid Shafer

"Falling Stars" by Eldrid Shafer

Forgotten by Rita Faussone

"Forgotten" by Rita Faussone

Madonna of the Village by Ruth Feild

"Madonna of the Village" by Ruth Feild

Other Side of the Prison Door by Marla Ferguson

"Other Side of the Prison Door" by Marla Ferguson

Pharoah Girl by Angela Kenley

"Pharoah Girl" by Angela Kenley

Spirals on the Loose by Gjeneve Hopkinson

"Spirals on the Loose" by Gjeneve Hopkinson


"The Coup Stick" by Susan Strickland

The Gilded Frame by Stewart

"The Gilded Frame" by JoAnn Stewart

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