TXT, 2006


Text messaging, the latest communications rage is not all that different from the earliest scratches on a cave wall. All these marks, from ancient petroglyphs and hieroglyphics to computer graphics are text, all of it visual information, the translation of an idea into symbols. It’s how we tell our stories. Text (from the French texere, to weave) can mean the original of a literary work or musical score. It can be a theme or topic or the main body of a work. It can be the verse or passage that provides authority. These days it can also be the message arriving in your hand. In these works the artists explore the texts of their lives and the use of symbols to convey meaning.

The Art Quilt Association, AQuA, is a group of fiber artists from the Western Slope of the Colorado Rockies. In this exhibit, juried by Faye Anderson, AQuA members continue their mission of exploring textile manipulation and diversity of mixed media as an art form. See below art quilts which received special juror recognition.

Exhibition Dates: May 4 – 7, 2006
Denver National Quilt Festival
Mancuso Brothers Show Management


“TXT” will appear at the new Greater Chicago Quilt Expo

November 9-12, 2006

For further show details: www.quiltfest.com

“At Last” by Sandra Hoefner                                                                   

“Txture:  Hidden Messages in Fiber”

by Carole O’Brien was chosen

best representation of theme

by jurist Faye Anderson.

“Creation Story” by Marge Fox

“Shoe Kudzu” by Susan Strickland

“Necessities” by Pat Sprague

“Moab Rock Talk” bySandra Starley

“Dyslexia” by Janet Jones Warren

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